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Certified French native speaker teacher

Who am I?

I am a certified native teacher

I am Marie-France, though folks call me Marie. I'm a French native speaker.


I teach French as a foreign language (Français Langue Etrangère - FLE) to adults. I hold a master's degree in communication, the DAEFLE qualification from the Alliance Française and am currently pursuing a master's degree in FOS (French for Specific Purposes), which I hope to complete in 2024.


I began my teaching career by volunteering as an FLE teacher for the Red Cross in Nouméa (New Caledonia) and then set up my own business to give lessons at CREIPAC language school, my cherished partner, in the same city. This is how Un Langage en Commun came into being!


​Now that I have moved back to France, I continue to teach remotely on my own, for CREIPAC, and for my new Parisian partner as well as teaching face-to-face in Hossegor.

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I had another professional life before teaching French...

My husband Pascal and I have been married for more than 30 years and we have 2 adult children who live in Bordeaux.


Due to my husband's 10 work transfers, I had the opportunity to travel a lot. We have lived in various places such as Reunion Island, French Guyana and New Caledonia.


These work relocations for him required changes of work for me as I relocated to followed him. Thus  I had involvement in both private and public firms and always been in multilingual settings, conversing in English and Spanish (and a smattering of Dutch!).


For me, it has been a chance to improve my cultural awareness through interaction with clients, neighbours, students and people from diverse geographical and social backgrounds. 


However, having moved 10 times has been stressful. In 2023, we moved back to my hometown of Hossegor in France and settled down for good!

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