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Live the French way for a week!

Come and perfect your French in an exclusive setting and discover the culture of south-west France, in Hossegor.

Surfing in Capbreton

What can I expect during my stay?

The principle of an immersion stay is to spend time with a host family to practice the language you're learning, in real life. It is an ideal learning situation, since you're immersed in both the language and the culture.

But here are 2 bonuses:

  • Your stay is with me, your teacher so you won't need to travel to take classes. And when you're not in class, for example during breakfast, I will always be there to guide our informal conversations.

  • I only house 2 people maximum to guarantee a personalised experience. This means that your tailor-made lessons can be scheduled in a way that allows you to take advantage of the weather, the perfect surfing conditions or opportunities to visit family, friends or the surrounding area!

Why stay at my place?

My husband and I would be delighted to welcome you to our house.

We're not hotel professionals. The room we provide is reserved for people who come to take courses and want to live an immersion experience. So we will consider you as member of our family for a week.


One week and 15 hours of lessons, especially if you're a beginner, may be overwhelming at times.. That is why it's important that you have time for yourself to rest but also to visit our area and communicate with other native speakers to practise your French.


My region offers an incredible diversity of activities, so there's something for everyone, even if you come with your partner who doesn't want to take any lessons!


Marie et Pascal

* Arrival and departure days can be adapted according to availability. Similarly, lesson times can be flexible to take advantage of (among other things) the weather and the sea conditions, an important factor for those of you who love to surf.

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