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What to see and do in the Basque and Landes Coast

Our wonderful world is full of stunning places, each one more spectacular than the last. I might be biased, but the Southwest of France is one of the most beautiful! It's no coincidence that it is called Little California. (I went to see for myself: it's accurate!)

Jokes aside, coming here means discovering the "spirit of the Southwest": a region with strong cultural and human values. The Landes and the Basque Country offer so much to see and do. There is something to suit any taste here!


In recent years, the area has attracted surfers from the 4 corners of the globe. But above all, it's a region attached to its roots, its landscapes, its popular "fêtes", its traditional sports (rugby, pelota, skiing), its cuisine and, obviously, its many specialties influenced by its proximity to Spain. There are so many things to explore! 

Our house is located equidistant between Hossegor and Capbreton, 2 villages with different characters separated only by Le Bouret (a small river). From there, you can visit the marine lake, explore the pine forests, cycle along the many paths, play a round of golf, admire the architecture, taste the local wine and discover the nearby French and Spanish Basque Country and its wonderful villages.

Visit the following websites for more details.

Surfing in Hossegor
logo Hossegor
Street art in Hossegor
logo Capbreton
The marine lake
Capbreton beach
Les barthes
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